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Proof Hotel and Lounge has put in its best effort to live up to international boutique hotel standards. We have equipped ourselves with the best amenities available to hotels and lounges.

Our comfortable and well-organized rooms, Indoor and Outdoor restaurants, Standard poolside Bar, swimming pool, Shisha Cabanas, outdoor grill kitchen and our newly renovated 17th AVENUE VIP LOUNGE and RESTAURANT, all come together to give you experiences that are worth your time and money. Our menu involves a wide range of  intercontinental and continental dishes.


About Us

The Best Boutique Hotel in Africa

Proof Hotels & Lounge is an award winning boutique hotel in Nigeria. We are one of the fastest rising hospitality establishment. We are located in Oniru-Lekki, we offer our clients a unique blend of comfort & pleasure with our amenities as well as accessibility to other prime areas around.

We pay attention to creating unforgettable experiences and providing unmatched services.

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Our Rooms

We have four different grades of rooms labeled according to Size of space, size of Bed and in-room amenities. Our room rates range from ₦ 45,000 – ₦ 70,000


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