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Blue Haven Shortlet Apartments is the most sought after means of accommodation today. Our Shortlet Apartments is home away from home. We have fully serviced 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments designed to keep you comfy and safe. We are strategically located in a serene environment, that is private, and easy to locate. It is so good that you can access the city without much hassle!

Our Apartments offers premium serviced spaces and fully furnished luxury short and extended stay accommodations with top-notch services and facilities. Whether you need our Apartments for your family, business, corporate groups stays, ex-pat stays, holidays or relocation, we are ready and on-hand to serve you.

Our perfectly built 2 and 3-bedrooms apartments is well suited for an array of guests – Hospitality mongers, who seek comfort and relaxation away from home, travelers who need a luxury home, with convenience and comfort, business men and women who need privacy, friends who are seeking a good time etc.

Carefully curated and specially designed with you in mind, our spacious apartments is perfect for a staycation, short letting, getaways with families or a group of friends.


Our exquisite private cinema allows you have that amazing cinematic experience you have always craved for. There is plenty of extra space for you and yours, and our Private Cinema is a safe way to socialize. It is perfect for birthday parties, social events and other meetings/get togethers.

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