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8 things to look out for when booking a hotel room

This exclusive list of 8 things will help you save time, money, and stress on your next trip and when booking a hotel room. Either for business trips, vacations, or even sightseeing, we often have to stay away from home from time to time. During such times, hotels become our only solace and comfort zone.

In other words, hotels have become our new homes. This is why the decision to book a hotel room that you would be using over a trip is one that you should make carefully, as the situation of your hotel room and environment to a large extent determines the type of memory you build on that trip: good, bad, or evil.

For instance, if you rashly choose a hotel located in an area with a high crime rate, and you eventually get attacked by robbers, you will live with the bad memories of that encounter for the rest of your life.

This is why you have to be careful. Just the same way you took time to select your living apartment, you have to carefully select your hotel room too.

That is also why we have put together this article on 8 things to look out for when booking a hotel room to help you make the right considerations and choices as you decide where to spend a fragment of your life.

It will also serve as a checklist for you when booking a hotel room, to ensure that you are not forgetting to consider any important features in the hotel where you are lodging.

Important features to check before booking a hotel room

1. location of the hotel

First and foremost, You should consider the location of the hotel. This will greatly determine how smoothly your vacation or business trip will go.

If you pick a hotel that is far from your final destination, you will have trouble going about your engagements all through your trip.

For instance, if you are on a vacation to hike, you should not pick a hotel room in the heart of the city. The reason for this is that you will have a difficult time getting to the mountains every day. You will most probably wear out before you start hiking for real.

Similarly, if you have some business meetings in the heart of the city, it will not be wise to lodge in a hotel on the outskirts of the city, so as not to have a hard time navigating through your trip.

So, because of this, consider a location that will favor you when booking a hotel room.

Your hotel room should be close to your final location because I am sure you did not travel to lock yourself in that room all day.

2. The environmental security situation.

This is quite important because I am sure you would love to have a peaceful trip. For that reason, do thorough research before choosing a hotel.

Do not choose a hotel that is in an area with a high crime rate. Choose a hotel that prioritizes the security of its customers.

Research about their types of locks, CCTV cameras, security personnel, response to emergencies etc.

I am sure you would like to sleep and wake up with the confidence that both you and your properties are safe.

3. Your budget and the hotel’s pricing

Note that I mentioned location and security before talking about price. This is because you should be your number one priority. What is the use of staying in a less expensive hotel if you get robbed?

What is the use if your vacation ends up stressing you more when it’s meant to relax you? So, money should not be the number one factor you consider when considering a hotel to lodge in.

When you are settled with the location, please look at the budget.

Do not exceed your budget, do not bleed your pocket for an expensive hotel room, I am sure there are decent hotel rooms for a cheap price. Do not go broke looking for luxury, choose comfort first.

You can come back next time to stay in the boutique hotel when you can comfortably afford it, if you can’t afford it now, just leave it. Luckily, when booking a hotel room, Proof hotel is pocket friendly without compromising quality.

4. Hotel reviews.

This will reveal to you much more than the website can ever reveal.  Search for the reviews of their previous customers (it should be on their website) and thoroughly go through them.

This will help you because customers do not lie about their experiences in hotels. That is where you get to know if they really offer the services they say they offer. That is also where you get to ascertain if those services are quality or just manageable.

5. Check-in and check-out times.

This is another fact to consider. This is because if you plan to arrive late at night for a morning meeting, you should look for a hotel that accepts late check-ins.If you book one that does not check-in people at night and arrives at night, you will be stranded and will have to sleep outside or find another hotel to stay at. There are some of them out there that you can either check-in or out at anytime, helping you stick to your initial plan.

secure hotel

6. Please check out the real pictures of the hotel.

Many 3rd rate hotels have actually deceived many of their customers with the beautiful pictures on their websites. Unknown to this unsuspecting audience, these pictures are either picture of some other pictures from somewhere else or highly Photoshopped.

To avoid such situations, always check real pictures taken by the previous customers of the hotel.

Examine their social handles, they are most likely to post photos of their experiences and vacations.

So ensure that you like what you see before deciding to book a room because they might most probably not accept a refund of payment.

7. Check their reviews for their WiFi.

You need a strong network, especially when working remotely. Do not just check if the WiFi is working correctly. Check all the places it is available. Also, check the network coverage of these places.

Be sure of what they have to offer before spending some days of your life there.

8. Additional amenities.

Ensure that the hotel you want to stay in serves its customers very well. Through the review, you will find out how free room service is.

Decide which of their services are free and which require payment. Who are the free services intended to assist? Having this information at hand will help you plan better booking a hotel room.


You have entitled to all of the rest and the vacation that you desire. Choose a vacation resort for yourself and have a great time. You can check us out Proof Hotel

Don’t forget to bring back some souvenirs.

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