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Five factors to consider before renting a Shortlet Apartment in Lagos

Shortlets are the new cool. They give you the vibe of owning your space that you will probably not get in a hotel room.

Are you in need of an apartment for a short staycation with family or a corporate retreat?

A traveler looking for a luxury space to call your own for your short stay in Lagos?

Are you an expatriate seeking a peaceful space for work and relaxation?

You should consider short lets.

Below are a few of the most important factors to consider when evaluating properties for your stay, especially if you are considering multiple options in Lagos. Keep these factors in mind, and you have all the information you need to find the perfect shortlet for your stay.

Five factors to consider before renting a Shortlet Apartment in Lagos.

  1. Location: when renting a short let, ensure that you are precise about your choice of location and that the shortlet has good road networks. This provides you with the ease of commuting to other parts of the city that you are staying in. Blue Haven shortlet is located on the right side of Lekki, 5minutes from VI and 3 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. It is 45 minutes from the Local and International airports. It is a perfect place to access all the other top city points without much hassle!
  2. Space: If you are keen on having spacious accommodation, primarily if you have a family staycation, you need to consider space as a significant factor when choosing your shortlet. Your ideal shortlet should have bedrooms and bathrooms that fit your family’s size, either large or small. Our shortlet have fully serviced two and three-bedroom apartments that can accommodate you and give you the comfort you deserve during your stay.
  3. Safety and Privacy: When booking a shortlet, ensure that proper safety measures are in place to protect you and yours. Not to worry, Your security is our primary concern in Blue Haven as we are rightly positioned in a secured community.
  4. Facilities: Shortlet apartments are designed and optimized for comfort. To choose the right shortlet, you might need to consider the purpose of your visit and the availability of the facilities that best serve that purpose. One of our facilities is the exquisite private cinema that allows you to have that fantastic cinematic experience you have always desired. The cinema is spacious and pristinely built to host you and your guests. Our private Cinema is also a safe way to socialize. It is ideal for parties, social events and other corporate meetings/get-togethers.
  5. Ambience: The atmosphere and aura in the shortlet should be relaxing and comfortable. The fun spots around the accommodation also allow you to explore exciting spaces in your desired location. With just a short drive to the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by major landmarks, with excellent amenities like the swimming pool, the Lounge, and the private cinema area, the Blue Haven shortlet offers you the perfect ambience for the ideal getaway spot with a serene environment away from the fast-paced, busy city life.  Each day is an expression of living the dream. Waking to the sights of beautiful interior décor that sets the day right to the classy furniture pieces screams finesse. The fully furnished luxury themed sitting area is carefully curated and specially designed with you in mind. You should consider being part of this experience when selecting short lets in Lagos.

Blue Haven Shortlet Apartments is the most sought after means of accommodation today. We can’t wait to host you in our Shortlet Apartments. It is so good that you can access the city without much hassle!

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