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Here are 5 Good Reasons to Visit Proof Hotel and Lounge Lagos

The travel and hospitality industry in Nigeria has remained a significant contributor to the Nigerian economy. This contribution has been sustained by the steady growth of the sector over the years. Hotels for instance, as one of the critical industries in the Nigerian hospitality sector, attracted a significant investment put at over US$3 billion in the last three years.

In terms of contribution to the national GDP, the hotel industry contributed N1.7billion ($US 5.5 million) put at 4.8% to Nigeria‚Äüs Gross Domestic Product in 2016. This unprecedented growth has not been limited to traditional travel and hospitality plays, but has been fueled by rising global consumer purchasing power, increased appetite and appreciation for African tourism and digital innovation.

The rise of digital innovation is constantly introducing new players to the industry such as new accommodation models, ride-sharing apps, reservation apps, airline apps and other new entrants. The subsequent symbiotic relationship between the new entrants and the traditional industry players have resulted in tremendous growth of the travel and hospitality landscape

However, this positive upward trend was vehemently stopped in its tracks in 2020, following the unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which caused travel disruptions across
the world. Despite the attractive and stabilized outlook of the Nigerian hospitality industry in the pre Covid-19 era, the emergence and resurgence of this disease has drastically affected
the hospitality industry in Nigeria. But, as the world slowly begins to recover and adjust to a post COVID-19 world, a renewed ospitality sector is emerging, bordering on new protocols and post pandemic behavior. The proper handling of this radical shift in the market requires hotels to demonstrate both long-term foresight and impeccable execution to survive and thrive.

Proof Hotel and Lounge Lagos is a shining example of this initiative and one of the leading names currently in the industry, with the brand demonstrating keen foresight into the times we live in with their innovative approach to Hotel Management and Fine Dining.

The brand has identified the modernization of Hotel Management with rapt attention to health and safety concerns as major priorities, creating workable strategies and solutions in that regard.

Proof Hotel and Lounge Lagos has so far developed a customer-centered and safety-first approach that delivers results. By deploying a 5 pronged approach, the brand continues to set the standard for the new hospitality industry in Nigeria.

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