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Affordable Love date ideas

Love happens, and oftentimes it happens in the least expected places, It could be in a cab, at church, in the hospital, or at work, Love can happen anywhere. If you are fortunate to find a date in Lagos, here is a list of affordable date ideas if you are looking to travel to Lagos for a date.

Best Love date ideas for you and your partner

1. Hotels

If you are looking for a place where you can spend alone time with your partner void of the distractions of life, a hotel is your go-to place for that.

It is a perfect idea for couples who are surrounded by so much noise and would want a silent place where they can get the attention that their surroundings have deprived them of.

Lagos has a lot of beautiful Hotels, and Proof hotel and Lounge is your sure place to be with all the amenities that can spice up your love life and have awesome rooms just for you and your partner. is situated at Lekki.

We have the facilities that provide a healthy environment for romance. We offer evening entertainment where you and your date can go during your stay at the hotel. You also get access to pools, a sophisticated bar, and a restaurant where you will get access to different kinds of African intercontinental dishes.


A visit to the place will help you and your partner make up for a lost time.

2. The Beach

Lagos is popularly known for its numerous beaches. You can pay a visit to the beach with your date, have a picnic there, ride on horses together, and take a romantic stroll together under the setting sun.

Also in regards to how chaotic and stressful Lagos is, a visit to the beach can be a great way to cool off and ease the stress.

Be sure to go along with cash that will sustain you throughout your stay at the beach.

Interestingly, the gate fee to most beaches in Lagos is between ₦1000 to ₦2000 which is not many funds compared to what you will spend if you were to visit some luxurious places in Lagos.

When it comes to options for beaches, you and your date could pay a visit to the Elegushi beach, Lekki leisure lake, Eleko beach, and Tarkwa Bay.

3. An Art Gallery

Paying a visit to the Museum or Art gallery is quite an insightful experience. Apart from the mushy feelings you’ve got for your date, being conversant with the happenings around you is another way to keep your romance alive, and it is also an effective communication tool.

An art gallery or museum stands as the best exposition for that.

You get to relate with a piece of artwork, an ancient emblem, and this kind of connects you with nature and things that have happened in the past.

It’s your first date and it is important to keep it conversational, so you won’t have the feeling that you wasted your time when the whole date stuff is finally over. Make it worth the time.

Also, note that it is important to pick up a conversation that will interest you both. One of my best options when it comes to Art galleries is the Nike art gallery.

4. A picnic at the park

Parks are one of the affordable places to visit in Lagos, You get to have a view of nature with your date, and you enjoy fresh air and warmth from the sun.

If you have little to no idea about what should fit into your picnic basket, I will suggest you go with cups, tissue, and table cloth.

The Lekki conservation center, Lukasi, and Freedom parks are amazing places you should visit, plus their gate fee is affordable.

Watch a movie together


I am not really a fan of movies, so taking me out on a date to a movie theatre might not just be a perfect idea.

However, your date might have a keen interest in movies (It is important you find that out before making the move to take her out to the cinema).

You could go to a park, rooftops (Lagos has a lot of these) or the cinema. Be sure to go along with a mat, drinks, and refreshments.

If you are looking at seeing a movie at the park, or rooftop, you could do a little bit of flower decor on the ground just to keep the atmosphere cozy.

5. Dance class/theatre

Volunteering to dance with your partner is one of the fun ways to keep a relationship going, It doesn’t matter if they take the wrong steps during your dancing classes.

A few years down the line, the memories will be fresh, and you will laugh out loud at this moment.

You both could go for an hour tutorship class in dancing, and this is relatively cheap as well.

Dance clubs like Kizomba are one of the places you should sign into.

6. Silent disco

This is another affordable date idea, and with just a token, you give your date the frivolity of enjoying music on wireless headphones.

The headphones have three channels where you get to listen to different types of music like the Jamz, highlife…

Been together for 10 to 50 years? the silent disco is the best idea for couples within this range as both parties get the opportunity to leverage each other’s music preferences.

7. Attend a concert/festival together

Another option for affordable date ideas in Lagos is to look out for where a concert or food festival is being held, the interesting part about this is that you might pay little to no amount as an entrance fee.

If you happen to find any of the places where a concert or food festival will hold; Eat, drink, laugh, and enjoy the atmosphere.

8. Take a walk

Affordable Love date ideas1

I personally love the idea of holding each other’s hands while we take a long stroll across the neighborhood.

This doesn’t cost a dime, you could get refreshments and soft drinks to cool off while you walk.

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If you are thinking of places to hang out for the weekend, these affordable date ideas are my go-to options for you, especially if you or your date live in Lagos.

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